What Close to the DSOA central station, Silicon Star, an eight-story building, offers homes going from one- to three-bedroomed units. All units accompany a connected huge porch and pantry. 

You get Residents have entry to a top swimming pool, separate exercise centers for men and ladies, a sauna and steam room, a recreation center, a play region for kids and devoted stopping with remote-control access. Etisalat is the administration supplier for the building. 

We say The units in this building are extensive; one-bunk lives units run up to 1,210 square feet in correlation with the ordinary 800-square-foot one-room unit somewhere else in Dubai. Additionally, inhabitants in two- and three-room flats get two carports, certainly a reward. Moreover, all rooms have implicit closets. The kitchens accommodate funneled gas association and have additional cupboards. These could be convenient for putting away mass supplies, as occupants feel stores in the zone are unmanageable. On the other side, the internal streets have inadequate lighting, making them risky.