About Sandcastles.ae
Sandcastles.ae is a leading property finder portal. We have list thousands of properties from both individual estate agents and agencies for sale and rent across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Estate Agencies can subscribe to a package that will allow an XML data-feed to update their property listings on Sandcastles.ae. Individual Agents can register online and use the service free of charge.

Sandcastles Mobile App
A first of its kind in the UAE, 3D Augmented Reality iphone app for finding property simply point your iphone camera at a building and see what is for sale and rent from a range of estate agents

For a better visual explanation of what the Sandcastles App does visit the Sandcastles App Page

Maps and use of Visual Data
Our advanced Maps provide investors and tenants with live property data in an easy to use graphical form. We have covered all the major areas of Dubai.

Website Statistics* (Updated July 2015)
  1. Over 2,400 unique visitors per day
  2. Over 90% from the UAE
  3. Average time a visitors spends on our site is 7 minutes
  4. 13 pages viewed on average by each visitor
  5. Over 93,541 visitors have added Sandcastles.ae to their favourites
  6. 9 minutes average time spent on each of our live interactive maps
  7. Sandcastles iphone app first its kind in the UAE(Click here to see how your camera can find property)

App Statistics* (Updated July 2015)
  1. Over 38,000 monthly active users on mobile apps
  2. 80% from the UAE, 10% Middle East, 5% Indian, 5% Other
  3. Average time a visitors spends on the app is 13 minutes
  4. Average number of Property Alerts 3.2 per users
  5. Sandcastles iphone app first its kind in the UAE (Click here to see how your camera can find property)
  6. Average opens per week is 3.4 per user.
  7. Total number of downloads since launch over 500,000
  8. Compatible for iPhone, iPad and Google Android phones.

Our Products and Services
Sandcastles offers a wide range of services from Website Design to Mobile App development for real estate agencies including XML integration with all the major CRM systems for efficient property advertising. We are Masterkey software approved.

If you are an agency and would like a version of the 3D Augmented Reality Sandcastles App for your properties, Website design or XML Data feed integration for Sandcastles property advertising then get in touch with us via Our Products Page

UAE Office
TGD Limited (DMCC Freezone)
Zuber Ahmed Mohsan (CEO)
Office 307,
Tiffany Tower,
Jumeirah Lake Towers,
Phone Number : 04-42-22-536

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Advanced Dubai Maps
Our Advanced maps give you detailed information such as Plot numbers, Building Pictures, Location and Views.